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Get Your Logo on Custom Work Shirts and Apparel

Custom work safety t-shirts have become a must in recent years with rules and regulations by OSHA. In order to be in compliance on job sites companies must outfit their workers in safety green or safety orange t-shirts and sweatshirts. The logical choice is to customize these with your company logo on them.

Companies that embrace these regulations understand this makes for several walking billboards in the form of custom shirts and sweatshirts out all over town. Companies can use their safety t-shirts as a form of advertising. Some obvious businesses that can benefit from this are lawn care, landscaping, fencing, road crews, independent contractors, and tree care companies. You never know what opportunities can arise when your company name is spread around town.

One other nice thing about custom safety color t-shirts is that you can choose to put a simple 1 color black screen print on the shirts as black shows up great on safety green and safety orange apparel. Keeping it as a one color print means the shirts are as cost effective as possible.

Work and safety gear has come a long way and is not limited to t-shirts. You can now get tall tees, hoodies, zip hoodies, long sleeve shirts, jackets, hats, beanies, and styles with reflective striping on them as well. We have a lot of programs even outside of workwear that embrace the bold colors and like the way the y stand out. Using them for company casual days, walkathons, reunions or school events.

If you are in the market for custom work or safety t-shirts or other logo’d apparel, give Cedar Rapids Screen Printing a call. We’d be happy to discuss options and pricing based on your specific needs.

We've been screen printing in Cedar Rapids, IA for over 18 years and have streamlined our process saving our clients time and money while adding quicker turnaround times and convenience.


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